Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Long Overdueeee Post

This mybe a lengthy post so ladies pls endure aitez!

Well lately I have been held up with work, outing with frenz and lately fiance was admitted to hospital. So yeah I have been occupied with this thing around me till Im lazy to update!

Ouh well. For wedding preparation we still have alot of things not yet discussed. We are sitting on the preparation for now coz another 9 days we will be heading to Bandung. Wooohooo! My 1st trip for the year. I dah mcm cacing kepanasan tk dpt gi travel. Usually I will be travelling ard 3 to 4 times a year eventhough if its to Asean country!

InShaaAllah next year Im gonna get back on track for my travel itinerary! Can't wait for next year 3 travel plan! 1 for honeymoon, 1 with family and 1 with frenz!

 Sometimes how I wish I can skip the planning and we got married instantly. But I have to feel the pinched for planning also right coz InShaaAllah this gonna be 1 time occasion.

Ouh about our honeymoon destinations, fiance and me have decided to travel to a countries which is not winter season. Coz why we went to 2 degrees's ice art for a trial. I wore 3 jackets and 2 gloves and thick gloves still I cant tahan. 10 mins and I'm out. Even when last december when Singapore hits 24 degrees I already cannot tahan the cold. This is how I react and some picture that we have taken.

So yeah and InShaaAllah I cant wait for 29th August 2014 which is NATAS fair haha! InShaaAllah will be going there!

Another one thing, I have been stalking my very own mak andam and YaAllah how, I cant wait for them to doll me up. So Arabian and Bollywood style lah. Since I ada keturunan India, I admire her make up lots as muka org yg they make up kan lain. I have been following the well known bridals too but I cant seem to like their makeup coz it doesnt make a different to the person face and the package they provide I can only choose form the rack and not exclusive! Ok now Let the picture do the talking.

The baju all YaAmpunnnn Cantik2 banget!! Okay if you want to know more about them, and see alot of transformation you may add Hyda's Look Bridal at FB. Ouh and also I have been stalking my wedding caterer/deco (Irmaya's wedding). Alhamdullilah my fren have tasted it an they say it was nice! And the deco colour combination not bad though I know there's other deco company who serve better design but overall for me its nice! Below are some pictures from them.

Part gini excited part nk plan to tk excited. Oklah people. Got to go! See u in the nxt post! Good Nitez!! :)

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