Saturday, 15 February 2014


Hi All,

I am researching about kompang right now. We still have not yet book any kompang services. So Im kinda panic.

There's four top kompang services which I really like.

  1. Kompang Zapin Berdendang. But they have yet to open up their 2015 bookings. I like their kompang coz they have their traditional music of zapin which i like. I dont have the budget to engaged sri gemilang since Im doing separate wedding and I'm the unlucky one who need to fork out big amount for my caterings. So in any case I got them as my kompang it will make me happy!
  2. PERCUSSIONZ-By-Makyong-Kedek - They only open bookings 6 to 8th months before the wedding date. Therefore on May to Jun Im gonna try to booked them if kompang zapin berdendang still havent open up their bookings as yet! What I love from them is their singers voice was so powerful and they frm dikir so kind cool watching them.
  3. Kumpulan Andika Prak Bing Bing - Like their performance but fully booked on my wedding date.
  4. AKRAB Kompang Services - My last choice if the 1st 2 unavailable to make it. I will booked them. They did nice performance too.
On the other note, my wedding band and mas kahwin is here! Alhamdullilah. My fiance and dad love it coz the diamonds blink2 lah! Saya suka sekali. Will only give it a show after my weddings. 
And the fiance so the mentel last minutes told me that he wana engaged a photobooth service too. Faint. I checked my photobooth vendor and it is fully booked on our event date. So I asked ard again but most have increase their quotation and did not have unlimited shots and cost a bomb. I do not want to waste money on a simple thing like that. So came across 2 snap a picture and photopenjournal. 

Their quotation was pretty much the same but the fiance prefer photopen journal as they offer good stuff. So yeah he placed a deposit last thursday! Alhamdullilah. And so we will be booking our kursus kahwin next week. InShaallah. :) 

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